Campings in Roya Region

Hotel in Roya „Rederi” Hotel in Roya „Rederi” „Vejkalni”, Kaltene, Roya region +371 29 238929; +371 63 220558
from 45 to 50 € viewed
Tromelle holiday cottages-camping "Tromelle" holiday cottages-camping Rojas novads, Melnsils, Roya region +371 23 884797
from 80 to 120 € viewed
Camping in Roya region Plaucaki Camping in Roya region "Plaucaki" "Plaucaki", Pūrciems, Roya region +371 26445124
from 6 to 21 € viewed
Camping on the seashore Melnsils Camping on the seashore "Melnsils" Melnsils, Roya region +371 28605606
Camping Smaile - just 10 meters from the sea in Latvia Camping "Smaile" - just 10 meters from the sea in Latvia Ķirķraga iela 48, Rojas novads, Roya region +371 22 136878
from 6 to 8 € viewed
Tent places in Roja Tent places in Roja Silupītes iela 9, Roja, Roya region +371 29 147505
from 7 to 8 € viewed
Camping in Latvia Tāti Camping in Latvia "Tāti" Kaltene, Roya region +371 29385841
from 9 € viewed

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